a family farm

The House

It’s common in farm families that once the kids grow up, one of them will take over the farm and the parents will build a new house in town. Well, our parents lost on that deal, since both of us kids moved south and didn’t seem interested in carrying on the farm tradition.  Dad, who was born on the farm, didn’t want to move anywhere else.  Mom said “Well, if I don’t get a brand new house, I want to remodel this one”.  So, the top stories of the old farmhouse were removed and it was made to resemble a contemporary house.  The house looks modern, but the wood inside the walls is approaching 150 years old.

After Mom and Dad passed away, we’ve mostly worked on the basement.  There was a problem with water leaking in after a heavy rain and there was no one there to vacuum it up.  The leaks were repaired, and we proceeded to replace the tiled floor and fix the walls that had been damaged.  Some photos showing that process and replacement of the screened porch after a tornado follow below.